The Four Pillars Of Social Media Marketing Trends Of 2018

The Four Pillars Of Social Media Marketing Trends Of 2018

social media marketing trends of 2018

As we approach the finishing touches of our website, we can’t help but notice every media marketing outlet is on the lookout for new trends. Over the years there have been countless changes and detailed approaches when it comes to social media marketing trends. They keep implementing different strategies for a proper and efficient engagement. It’s very important to keep a sharp sense of necessity when it comes to using the proper social media marketing trends of 2018, but still.

With the coming of new technologies like augmented reality and improved algorithms, one must always find new ways to reach out to the masses. We, as a social species, counted over 3.1 billion social media users in 2018. We are not planning on stopping right there. A serious company or business must go with the flow of today’s social media marketing trends of 2018 and direct engagement trends.

Reaching out and finding new ways to contact our much-needed clients and customers determines the workflow. Every business normally focuses on these details through creative ways to promote themselves. A mindful brand or company always have in mind that “sharing is caring”. There are no shortages of social media marketing trends of 2018 and shortcuts that really get the job done. We filtered out the best possible social marketing trends you can cherry pick from. There’s four of them:

Video Content Is All The Rage For Social Media Marketing

As you may have noticed, videos are getting extremely popular when social media marketing is in the question. Youtube stats confirm video engagement grows very rapidly every year and keeps on eating up web traffic. Other stats and polls confirm users grab their products through videos and are almost always decisive when purchasing.

Additionally, 80% prefer watching live videos from their brands than reading blogs. Nobody has the time to skim through and read blogs or paragraphs. Our attention spans are getting shorter, what could be possibly said about the attention spans of busy, busy Millennials?

Twitter has been falling out of the SMM game but is still useful for advertising.

YouTube is not the only platform, always remember this. There’s live broadcast from Facebook and Instagram as well. It’s always a good idea to provide informative content with well-made videos. Eye-catching designs easily promote your brand or product to the masses.

A well-organized company needs to focus on the everyday habits of the social media millennials. Normally, there is no better way than going for making animated videos and promoting your content through many mediums. It may or may not go away for 3-4 years from now, although it is impossible to predict. Still, we feel that this will not fall off the trending line for a long time.

Videos are a great way to show your products and services and, overall, it’s much more engaging and it gets you much closer to your targeted audience, as it can prove its effectiveness very quickly.

On The Trending Use Of ChatBots

The importance of Customer Relation Management cannot be stressed enough. It is a crucial component of proper social media marketing trends in 2018. Responsiveness, engagement, customer contacting, messaging, and a good use of communicating your message is highly important for a business. This is where ChatBots come in. An absolutely simple, yet brilliant and effective tool for boosting the quality of customer engagement and Social Media Marketing.

There are ten thousand bots for Messenger, Vine, and Telegram and Facebook already launched bots on their platform. The trend keeps spiking. We won’t try to pinpoint guesses, but we’re pretty sure other platforms and media will follow suit.

When working on the social media marketing jobs, many focus on social media messaging and they all wait for responses. Almost all of the more popular companies and organizations struggle in direct engagement. Messaging and inquiring clients are coming in more than they can handle. Chatbots solve the problem very easily and they work day and night.

Surveys and research have it: more than half of millennial consumers prefer media, web chat, or text for customer support, more than 75% are aggravated with customer support already, a third of the same users state that text should be an available option for communicating support, and a lot more info which clearly states the obvious.

This is because of the simple fact that ChatBots are faster than humans, handle repetition effortlessly, answer questions, provide clearly scripted information about your services. Not to mention the rapidly growing AI research and improvements over the last few years. ChatBots are definitely staying on the top of the Social Media Marketing trends of 2018. Provided if the algorithm research continues unobstructed.

Going Full Mobile

Everyone is using smartphones, young and old, despite the myth that you can’t teach old dogs new tricks. We see people over 70 effortlessly typing away at their smartphones. Why don’t we do something about it? Over 2-and-a-half billion users are staring at their mobile phone screens and traffic is going through the roof. Oddly enough, businesses are just starting to grasp this very useful statistic of the social media marketing trends of 2018.

Attracting mobile phone users is key. Google tells us that it prefers Accelerated Mobile Pages on their platform, as it is highly prioritized. Marketers should focus on this very important fact. The Instagram Stories are a very good place to start. It is very popular and very effective for using when it comes to engagement and advertising.

This medium is sheer gold. Many users flock to the amusing feature and spend more and more time on the phone because of this. This clearly means something for making use of proper engagement for social media marketing trends of 2018.

Importance Of Influencers

Micro-influencer marketing is becoming a staple of effective advertising. If you truly want to boost your brand’s awareness, this social media marketing trend is definitely worth a shot. Some brands absolutely blow up in the world to the point where more advertising is redundant, some struggle and keep going at it to no avail. But, the thing is, influencer marketing doesn’t have to drain your budget if you are a small business. It is one of the more prominent highlights of the social media marketing trends of 2018.

This little marketing trick doesn’t look very appealing, but let’s try to filter out the true facts. Finding a good influencer can send your message across very correctly and effectively. They reach out to people with a good old-fashioned large-scale engagement and actually help you promote your services without breaking the bank.

Using key leaders is very important in influencing a very large network of followers through very different targeted audiences. Social media marketing influencers need to be very connected with the brand you are using. It’s all up to you how the creative way of your message is sent.

While the influencer trend will not necessarily come across as an ad to your chosen audience, SMM influencers tend to do a fantastic job building an image by using specific marketing methods. They just have a tendency to build up and attract more customers. This is definitely one of the more versatile social media marketing trends of 2018.

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