Instagram Social Media Marketing And Utilizing Lesser-Known Tips

Instagram Social Media Marketing And Utilizing Lesser-Known Tips

Ever since Instagram began, people just seamlessly flocked to hop aboard, despite having Facebook as a viable option for posting their photos and all other vanities that came with it. Now, to nobody’s surprise, Instagram has over 800 million active users on the site, each month. This certainly means something for marketing, doesn’t it?

With a proper plan and focus, your brand can become a target for many influencers and followers as well. It means that your brand will be highly influential and popular. But, there are always minor details that help in building the picture of your brand. Posting the right kind of content and staying consistent is key.

Instagram is not just for personal use. It’s a global phenomenon that’s simply perfect for any SMM (Social Media Marketing) and community engagement endeavors that will definitely boost your business’ customer service and coverage. Buying stuff you’ve seen on an “annoying” Instagram scroll bout is something that happens every hour. You can believe that. Here are some useful tips and tricks for Instagram Social Media Marketing:

Using Instagram Tools And Audience Engagement

It’s highly important to utilize whatever tools you have on the Internet for properly Instagram as a Social Media Marketing channel. Always remember to keep your Instagram profile as a Business Profile instead of a standard one. Through Instagram’s Insights, keeping track of your stats and impressions and many other useful data registries, you will have a proper overview and keep a watchful eye on your progress.

Additionally, a nice and smooth breakdown of your follower’s demographics ensures you will have a more clear focus on choosing your audience and balancing out the engagement. Age info, gender, location, hours of activity; all of this is highly complex and important info, and proper use of these stats is extremely important and obligatory for your Social Media Marketing endeavors.

Some may find it hard to choose their content and engage with their chosen audience while gaining more grounds and prominence. Check out this statistic for instance; more than 28% of US citizens over the age of 21 use Instagram, while 70% of the user base are people living outside the US.

Above all, the obligatory insights are not generalized. Keeping track of insights for your posts are key. How many impressions you got this week or the last week, or any other info, it does not matter. Posting content that suits their interests and caprice is important. So is to hit the nail on the head with a proper posting timing at peak activity hours.

There’s a common saying among the wiseguys and SMM experts that it’s always a good idea to post on Mondays and Thursdays. This is when you get the most of your audiences. Every piece of statistic is important for your business so do what you can to utilize free tools to better understand your users in Instagram Social Media Marketing.

Tracking The Growth Rate

Improvement and optimization. These two words are to be remembered if you want to improve your Instagram Social Media Marketing. Seeing and checking your results and growth follower rates should be number one priority. DO NOT confuse racking up followers with your overall growth rate of the followers. Improving the consistency is far better than just to expect from customers to follow you back.

It’s a vanity metric. Your growth rate of important followers is not. Remember this. Keeping a close eye of the growth rate should concern you and your content structure. It affects things greatly and you must always remember to use the tools at your disposal to take a closer look at your audience. Posting every day or keeping trendy during the holidays is always a good idea, along with showing your customers you care.

Using a good trick like Influencer Dashboard, a tool for Instagram is a very nice idea and promotes growth rate. This, along with a well-placed post, a fantastic design, and recognizable thematic, you will have no problems. Likes and comments show that you have your customer engagement at a maximum.

Repost your followers’ posts if it’s relevant to your content. It is very flattering to the user, and you will just come across as a very friendly and engaging brand that knows what’s up. This is highly important for Instagram Social Media Marketing.

It doesn’t matter if you have followers bellow 5k. The growth rate increase is never related to it. A smaller following means a very high engagement rate. So, make sure to remain consistent, friendly, and unapologetic. It just makes things more easier when using Instagram Social Media Marketing for your brand.

Branded And Trending Hashtags: A Breakdown

Hashtags. The cornerstone of the Internet. Looking for a high-speed engagement and interaction? Try to hashtag your brand. Looking for recognition? Followers will find your hashtags useful. Does your brand keep a historical archive for your users to find their desired posted content? Hashtags.

Interacting with your users through hashtags is no joke. Here’s a pristine clean example: Red Bull absolutely killed it with their #itgivesyouwings hashtag. Dinging quite near 300 hundred thousand posts which featured the tag (299,612 posts, to be exact). This is definitely not something to be taken lightly.

By using a proper syntax and a universal phrase which can be used in everyday life, your brand will skyrocket easily on Instagram. We are not talking about mottos here because they are too specific, clinging to your brand very easily.

The Red Bull phrase “it gives you wings” can be used in almost any context, and this is only the sheer power of language. That’s why users just slapped the hashtag anywhere, through various contexts, positive or negative. This is what went off like fireworks for Instagram Social Media Marketing.

You be the creative writer for your hashtag phrase. It will do wonders if you think of something witty. Just use your head. Every time somebody posts a photo with the tag, they are unanimously advertising the company for you. Coca-Cola used #ShareACoke effortlessly. This might give you some ideas when properly using hashtags for Instagram Social Media Marketing.

On a side note, catching the “sweet waves” of trending hashtags is not a bad idea either. One just needs to keep updated on the news and see what’s hot and what’s trending, this is where Twitter comes in. That’s a conversation for another time when we cover Social Media Marketing for Twitter.

Exploring Hashtags

To sum up, try to use the Explore feature on Instagram if you have trouble finding the trending hashtags. Search, adapt, reuse. If you find these trending hashtags relevant to the context of your company’s brand, then it’s all fine and dandy. Just remember to include them in timely posts and you’ll be fine in Instagram Social Media Marketing utilization.

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