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Our team is a dedicated bunch, skilled with an array of tools to make sure your web development needs are sated. We have devoted coders, specializing in HTML5, CSS 3, Bootstrap 3.X and much more.

Social Media Marketing And SEO Strategies: Planning And Executing

Spidey Web Marketing Agency works with businesses both local and national. If you need a small SEO campaign or a complex multi-city campaign, we can help. SEO is a long-term investment that can separate your business from the competitors. Local SEO concentrates on direct keywords. Although similar to Local SEO, National SEO focuses primarily on ranking for broad keyword terms rather than ranking for specific geographical terms.

In today’s society, businesses need to focus more on their digital presence now more than ever. The amount of companies on a national or local level using SEO is much higher than that of local businesses, making it a very competitive market. Our SEO strategies will allow your business to transform how it competes in the market as it can extend your reach across the country and capture your ideal client base, resulting in positive ROI. We will optimize various facets of your website to ensure positive search engine visibility.

If you are looking for SEO firms in Calgary or Alberta you don’t want search results listing several firms from Vancouver or Toronto. That’s where Google steps in. Google’s search algorithm is able to detect when search queries and information are local to the user. Since Google favors local results, it is essential to include local SEO on your website in order to be visible to your audience.

SMM, SMO And Management

Spidey Web Marketing Agency is a leading social media marketing agency with a specialty on creating business growth through social media services. Whether you are looking to build your brand’s social media presence or drive leads through social media, we are ready to help you hit your goals.Social media platforms provide a lot of different opportunities to connect with your customers, and you could be missing out on growth opportunities if you are not using social media marketing.

The truth is that marketing on social media platforms is one of the best ways to advertise your business. This is so true that social media spend is supposed to increase over 20% over the next 3 years. If your posting information, providing offers, or sharing links, social media is a great way to connect and convert your followers into paying customers.

We have worked with companies in Calgary, creating marketing campaigns that have created over 300 thousand leads for our clients.

We craft our campaigns from scratch, this means your campaign will be custom around your business. This will help get you to your goals faster and allow us to monitor your metrics to guarantee success.

Social Media Advertising is the most cost effective way to reach a ton of people. For about $5 you can reach close to 1,000 people. This is about 3x less costly than traditional media and advertising services.

Because social media marketing is so powerful, we can target exactly who you are looking for. This could be a new home buyer, someone who has a birthday this month, or a family that makes more than 100k a year.

This allows us to run laser targeted ads to your customers based off their online behaviors, interests, locations, and so much more.

Another tool that we get utilizing social media are pixels. We will add these to your website and advertise to anyone who has gone to your site recently. This type of retargeting will increase your conversion rates quickly.

90% of all small business using ad accounts were not optimized correctly, this was causing the business to waste money. Don’t waste another dollar let us help you today.

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We create amazing Webflow templates for creative people all
around the world and help brands stand out.

Kayleb HassasFounder/ Sales

Kayleb is a certified google and social media marketing and advertising expert with strong media and communication professional with three years of experience as a Social Media Manager and Writer with a demonstrated history of working in the publication and digital industry. He is looking to expand his portfolio and add more clients to his growing list!

Ana Social Media Manager

Ana is a SMM manager, with 6 years of experience under her belt. A resourceful and eager expert, she will make sure the project gets finished much faster before the deadline.

Leonard EdwardsProfessional Link Building SEO Service

I am SEO Analyst, Social Media Marketing Expert with 6+ years experience. My Services will help you and your business to get better Ranking using High DA Backlinks, Link building, Keyword Research, On Page Optimization, Bad link Removal, Competitor Analysis , full SEO & SEM. Professional Link Building SEO Service

Fanny RayCreative Solutions Structured

I am a creative engineer and a freelance professional with expertise in branding, marketing, and graphic design. So far I have successfully completed more than 300 jobs for numerous individuals and businesses Canadawide. I hope you will be the next project I will take on the next level.